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Community Calendar

9pingrupraces   Pingrup racesThe Shire of Kent hosts several events throughout the year in both Nyabing and Pingrup. We are fortunate to have a community where the people are keen to do their share to make the Shire of Kent one of the safest and nicest places to live in Western Australia.


Upcoming Events

Weekly Calendar

Coffee Spot On every second Thursday afternoon from 1pm to 4pm, community members and visitors gather at the St Johns Ambulance Sub Centre in Pingrup for afternoon tea.

Annual Calendar

 January Nyabing Town Beach Party - Where locals bring the beach to the Country with a man made oasis.
 March  Annual Pingrup Races - Pingrup has their own annual horse race day where locals and vistors dress in their best, have a bet on the track and a game on two-up




 September  Ram Sale Month - If your keen to see auctioneering at its best and some great Rams, the Nyabing Ram Shed is the place to be
 October  Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Nyabing hosts a Girls Night In event to help raise funds for Breast Cancer Research
 November  Melbourne Cup Luncheon - Nyabing & Pingrup both celebrate Melbourne Cup Day
 December  Annual CWA Market Day - Nyabing's CWA holds it's annual Market day on the first Wednesday in December of every year.

Electoral Roll

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