In March 2023, the Shire of Kent was successful in securing a grant from the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage under the Local Heritage Grants Program to identify local heritage places and develop and implement a heritage framework

A consultant from Heritage Intelligence (WA) was contracted to undertake works required to form a new Local Heritage Survey (LHS) which would replace Council’s previously adopted Municipal Heritage Inventory.

Part 18 of the Heritage Act 2018 requires each local government to identify places of cultural heritage significance in a LHS. The LHS helps local governments make decisions that reflect local heritage values and supports the creation of the heritage list or area, which identify places to be protected under the Local Planning Scheme.

The draft report comprises recommendations for the LHS and the places within that survey that form the Heritage List for conservation guidance through the provisions of the Shire’s planning scheme and a local planning policy that will require adoption once LHS process is complete.

The community can submit applications for their property, other buildings and landmarks to be considered as part of the LHS. These applications will then be assessed against the relevant criteria and evaluated accordingly.

Council are now undertaking community consultation until 7 May 2024. Copies of the draft LHS and other related documents can be accessed by clicking the following links alternatively contact the Shire and a copy can be emailed or printed for public viewing.

Attachment 1 – Local Heritage Survey 2024

Attachment 2 – Local Heritage Survey List

Attachment 3 – Heritage List

Attachment 4 – Guidelines-for-Local-Heritage-Surveys-2022

Attachment 5 – Guidelines-for-the-assessment-of-Local-Heritage-Places

Attachment 6 – Burra Charter

The public consultation period provides the community a chance to submit information on places that are of important significance and reinforces the importance of places that are already listed. Submissions can be posted to Shire of Kent, PO Box 15, NYABING WA 6341 or emailed to admin@kent.wa.gov.au

The Shire will assess additional places received from the community prior to the final draft being forwarded to Council for approval.

Submissions will close 9am Tuesday, 7 May 2024.