The Shire of Kent continues to closely monitor the coronavirus (COVID-19) and take action in accordance with the advice provided by the relevant health and government authorities.

WA’s recent low numbers are encouraging, and the WA Government thanks the community for playing their part and taking this seriously.

Based on health advice, from Monday 27 April, indoor and outdoor non-work gatherings of up to 10 people are now allowed at:

  • weddings and funerals
  • outdoor personal training (no shared equipment)
  • home opens and display village inspections

If a single household has more than 10 people, that household remains exempt from this new rule.

All other restrictions remain in place for now:

  • all public playgrounds, skate parks and outdoor gym equipment will remain closed
  • restaurants, cafés, food vans, food courts and road houses remain restricted to takeaway and home delivery.

Everyone should continue to practise appropriate social distancing and stay home, except for:

  • shopping for what you need, such as food or other necessary supplies
  • medical or health care needs, including compassionate requirements
  • exercise, including outdoor personal training (up to 10 people) without shared equipment
  • work, training or university, where remote learning is unavailable
  • childcare or school
  • non-contact recreational activities such as private picnics in the park, fishing, boating, hiking and camping − all in compliance with travel restrictions and the 10-person rule
  • home opens and display village openings, with appropriate record keeping and hygiene practices in place and in compliance with the 10-person rule.

WA remains in a State of Emergency and various restrictions are enforceable by fines of up to $50,000 for individuals and $250,000 for businesses. Police officers also have the power to issue $1,000 on-the-spot fines.

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Travel Restrictions

Travel restrictions within Western Australia remain in place.  Western Australian intrastate travel is defined as movement through the boundaries of the regions of Western Australia. These regions are:

  • Perth and Peel (due to their close proximity, the Perth and Peel regions will combine into one region)
  • South West
  • Great Southern (Shire of Kent)
  • Goldfields-Esperance
  • Mid-West
  • Wheatbelt
  • Gascoyne
  • Pilbara
  • Kimberley.

Your wellbeing

If you are experiencing heightened levels of anxiety or stress due to the pandemic, you can access resources and more information at the Think Mental Health website.

Protect yourself and others from influenza by getting vaccinated

A public awareness campaign has been launched calling on Western Australians to book a flu vaccination over the coming weeks to protect themselves and others from becoming unwell.

There is no vaccination for COVID-19, but there is for influenza. It is more important than ever to be vaccinated this year – especially if the influenza season overlaps with COVID-19 cases.

For more information visit the Protect yourself and others from influenza by getting vaccinated media statement.

For current information please check the following websites: