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Dry Season Upate

Dry Season Update

Notice to Shire of Kent Farming Community

The Department of Water and Environmental Regulation has been working closely with the Shire of Kent to monitor areas affected by water shortages, and assist farmers who have a high need to cart emergency water for livestock from off farm community supplies.


The Department is aware that high carting pressures are depleting community supplies, particularly in the eastern part of the Shire of Kent.


Minister for Water, Dave Kelly declared a water deficiency in the Hollands Rock area of the Shire on 4 June.  The declaration was announced in response to depleted local water supplies and the need for seven farmers in this region to travel more than 40km to access emergency livestock water.


The Water Corporation is assisting the Department, with contractors now engaged and actively carting water to Hollands Rock Tank.  An estimated 350,000 litres of water will be carted each week, reducing the distance farmers need to travel to source emergency livestock water.


While there are high water carting needs across the Shire, there is adequate water supply in the old Pingrup town dam (standpipe facilities available) that farmers within 40km to the south east of Pingrup can access for emergency livestock water for the foreseeable future.


The Nyabing old town dam supply still remains adequate for farmers in that area of the Shire.


The Shire and the Department will continue to monitor community water supplies and usage into the future.


With dry conditions persisting, the Department has been proactively working on the refurbishment of a number of Strategic supplies in the Great Southern.  Specific work in the Shire of Kent Shire includes:

  • Chinocup dam catchment and silt trap creation
  • Hamilton’s Dam desilting and silt trap upgrades, with catchment upgrades in progress


Plans are also in place to upgrades the Mindarabin and Quartermaines dam catchments.



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