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Harvest Mass Management Scheme (HMMS)

ALL roads within the Shire of Kent are currently classed under the RAV system as Network 7 – conditional.

HMMS Access Arrangements 2018

In relation to HMMS there is no requirement to submit a road list form to Main Roads.

If you are currently not registered with HMMS and wish to do so or have acquired a new delivery vehicle since last harvest you will need to register directly with the receival facility.

Network 7 Configured Vehicle

A Network 7 configured vehicle consists of the following:

*Prime Mover towing semi-trailer and B Double
*B-Double towing a dog trailer
*Truck towing 2 x 5 or 6 axle dog trailers

The vehicles are greater than 27.5m and 36.5m or let in length to a maximum of 107.5 tonnes.

If your vehicle is a Network 7 configured vehicle then you will need to contact the Shire of Kent to obtain a conditional permit.