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Local Government Elections 2023 Nominations & Results


In accordance with the Local Government Act 1995, I declare that as at 4.00pm Thursday 7th of September 2023, close of nominations, there is four candidates for the offices to be filled at the election for the Shire of Kent. Accordingly, candidates are elected unopposed.

Congratulations to the following newly elected members

Name Expiry of term
REID, Sue-Maree (Suma) 16 OCTOBER 2027
CROSBY, Scott 16 OCTOBER 2027
HOBLEY, Gregory 18 OCTOBER 2025
HARRIS, Dustin 16 OCTOBER 2027

A notice is to follow as prescribed in Regulation 29C(2)(g) of the Local Government (Administration) Regulations 1996 stating the result.

Sincere thanks goes to outgoing Councillors Renae Jury and Tim Borgward. Over the years Renae has served 12 years and Tim has served 8 years. Special mention also to Justin Germain and Wayne Tapscott who resigned from recently retired from Council. Thank you all for your dedication and commitment.

Christie Smith

Returning Officer

8 September 2023