Periodic Review of Local Laws

11 October 2022

The Shire of Kent is reviewing the current local laws in accordance with the provisions of Section 3.16 of the Local Government Act 1995.  The local laws are:

  1. Parking Facilities Local Law (1998)
  2. Local Laws Relating to Fencing (1998)
  3. Local Laws Relating to the Nyabing Public Cemetery and Pingrup Public Cemetery (1998)
  4. Local Laws Relating to the Removal of Refuse, Rubbish, Litter, Derelict Vehicles, Vehicle Bodies and other Materials or Things (1998)
  5. Local Law – Dogs (1998)
  6. Local Law – Cat Control (1998)
  7. Local Laws Relating to Reserves (1998)
  8. Local Law – Nuisances (1998)
  9. Parking Facilities By-laws – Adoption of Model By-Law No 19 (1993)
  10. Petrol Pumps By-laws – Adoption of Model By-Law No 10 (1966)

A copy of the local laws may be inspected by:

Submissions about the local laws or suggested changes may be made to the Acting CEO and must be received by 4.00pm, Tuesday 29 November 2022.



Shire of Kent
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