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The Department of Parks and Wildlife will be undertaking Western Shield fox and feral cat control measures within “Lake Magenta Nature Reserve”.

The baits will be sausage style baits containing 3.0 or 4.5mg of 1080. These baits are intended to kill foxes and feral cats; however they will also kill domestic animals and are particularly attractive to dogs. There is no safe time of the year when domestic animals (including dogs and cats) can roam in the baited area.

The Department of Parks and Wildlife understand the importance of working dogs on a farm and undertake a number of precautions to avoid accidental poisoning of farm animals, including bait exclusion zones around farm buildings, stock yards, lane ways and gates adjoining reserves as well as permanent warning signs.

If you require any further information concerning this program please contact Peter Wnuk on (08) 9881 9236