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On 11 April 2019, Council received a draft concept plan for the enhancement of the Nyabing Caravan Park.  The concept plan establishes a vision for the Nyabing Recreation Ground based upon input from the Community Strategic Planning Process and was prepared by Sally Malone (consultant), who consulted for the concept plans for Memorial Park Nyabing and Burston Park Pingrup.

The plan intends to make use of infrastructure already in place but also makes provision for new infrastructure and future additional developments; these include cabin accommodation and will generally improve the appearance and amenity of the site for both visitors and locals.  Areas where visitors park and camp will be formalised so they are close to enhanced facilities and a major signage project will promote facilities from the town centre, provide user information and highlight the town and shire.

The plan is designed to be completed in stages over several years with the first improvements due to commence in the 2019/2020 financial year.  After lengthy discussions with Sally and Council it has been decided that projects due for completion in this period will include conversion of the Tennis Pavilion into a Camper’s Kitchen with shower, toilet and laundry facilities being added to the building.  A veranda and patio will provide a full undercover area to the upgraded facility and also protect the south side of the building from the elements, providing an additional outdoor area.

The Concept Plan is available on the Shire’s website (www.kent.wa.gov.au).  Alternatively, a copy can be obtained by phoning the Shire on 9829 1051.

Submissions on the enhancement of the Nyabing Caravan Park Concept Plan may be made in writing and lodged with the undersigned on or before 9th August 2019. Submissions can also be made using the contact us form below.

For further information please contact Michelle Bamess, DCEO or Christie Smith, Executive Support/Project Officer on 9829 1051.

Nyabing Caravan Park Enhancement Concept Plan

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