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Council Works

Capital Roadwork’s

Along with general road maintenance Council also undertake a capital works construction program. These programs are generally supported by funding programs. In the 2017/18 financial year Council will receive $654,351 through the Roads to Recovery Program (R2R) with expenditure expected to be $718,851. An amount of $119,872 is expected through the Blackspot (BS) funding with expenses being $195,910. Further Regional Road Group (RRG) funds of $269,667 will be claimed to complete projects with expenses being $428,400.

Due to the flood damage in February 2017, Western Australian Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Assistance (WANDRRA) will provide funding of $2,850,000 to cover the contract expenses for the repair to the damages.

Other Capital Projects

Some of the other capital projects Council will be responsible for in 2017/18 is as follows:

  • Construction of a 4 x 2 house in Nyabing (CEO residence)
  • Construction of a 4 x 2 house in Pingrup
  • Construction of units under the Great Southern Housing Initiative
  • Upgrade of Pingrup Pavilion
  • Solar Panels for the Administration Centre and also Nyabing Depot.
  • Re-Roofing of the Nyabing Hall and Nyabing General Store
  • Plant Replacement Program

For further information on projects under the 2017/18 Budget Road Program 2017-18