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Libraries & Community Resource Centres


The Shire of Kent offers library services to both Nyabing (Shire Administration Office) and Pingrup (Pingrup Community Resource Centre), where we have something for everyone!

Children have a range of exciting story books for them to read, as well as videos to watch. We also have some “Fun to Learn” CD’s which makes learning a lot more enjoyable for children. Adults have a large range of stock to choose from, including all sorts of fiction and non-fiction books, videos, audio cassettes and CD’s. Within our adult section we also have a selection of “Young Adult” stock.


Ph: (08) 9829 1051     Email: admin@kent.wa.gov.au

Opening Hours
Monday to Friday (except public holidays)
8:30am – 4:30pm

During the cooler months the Playgroup Mums & Bubs come together for “Interactive Library” every 4-5 weeks. The library is filled with music and laughter as they join in with some sing-a-longs and story time. Anyone is welcome to join, for further information please contact Michaela Crosby- 9829 1216 or Natasha Harris – 0439 310 389


Ph: (08) 9820 1101     Email: pingrupcrc@gmail.com

Opening Hours
Monday to Friday (except public holidays)
9:00am – 4.30pm

The Pingrup Community Resource Centre (CRC) houses the Pingrup Library. Membership is free and the community is strongly encouraged to utilise this service. Contact 9820 1101 for further information.


The Pingrup Community Resource Centre has been operating since July 2000. Community Resource Centres (CRCs) are friendly, locally owned and operated service and information centres.

Along with the library services, the Pingrup CRC offers many services such as: Internet/WiFi Access, computer usage, printing, photocopying, laminating/binding, pharmacy, stationary, Centrelink/Medicare Access Point, Pingrup Lions Bus Hire, Telehealth Access, Tourism, ATM, secretarial services, production of the Pingrup Post, school holiday events and MUCH MORE!

LOT 2 Burston Street, Pingrup

Phone: (08) 9820 1101

Email: pingrup@crc.net.au

Website: http://www.pingrupcrc.com.au

Monday – Friday 9.00am – 4.30pm (except public holidays)