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Road Conditions and Ongoing Roadworks


Observations on road conditions:

Weather has improved and most roads are drying out and passable, although there are some still wet (like Gray Rd, Sproxton Rd)  that should be avoided.

Major works completed :

  • Gravel re-sheet of East Road (2.5km) in two sections between Challis Rd and North Needilup Rd
  • Gravel re-sheet of western end of Ryan Road (2km)
  • Kukerin Rd – ongoing
  • Gravel patching works at floodways and culverts (numerous locations) – WORKS ONGOING

Maintenance grading completed :


  • Beagly
  • Collins
  • Dualling
  • Harvey
  • Mornaming N
  • Mornaming S
  • Nagel
  • Ross
  • Sutherland Tk
  • Whyatt


  • Beagly
  • Big Lake
  • Chinocup
  • Eddie
  • Harris
  • Johnson
  • Kuringup
  • North Kuringup
  • Rasmussen (west end)
  • South Fence
  • Stephens
  • Sutherland Tk


  • Day
  • Dicks
  • Grant Williams
  • Lake Bryde
  • Lake Lockhart
  • MacDougal
  • Ryan


  • The upgrade of the southern section Kukerin Rd to a sealed road commenced in early  October and will pause in mid-November for harvest, the contractor will return in January to do the northern section and sealing works will follow in February-March.
  • Gravel re-sheet on Rasmussen Rd

The Shire has a gravel road network of 1,200kms that requires constant monitoring to maintain the network. To do this in a practical manner the shire is split in to 3 zones being West , Central and East. Each zone is allocated a maintenance grader that generally grades the roads following a set rotation and circuit. The main local roads will have a summer and winter grading each year and some of the lesser used minor road will be graded once or on as needs basic.

To reduce the risk to the road users we inspect on a regular basis but we can’t be everywhere all the time, which is why we appreciate the assistance from the public to report to the shire (phone, in person or website) any road hazard they may come across in their travels. For plant efficiencies we try to stay with the circuit for our graders, so we may not be able to fix the problem straight away however, for school bus routes we will attend as soon as possible.

Road Condition Update – 11th November 2021
Name Category Status Comments
Adams 1 Open Minor washouts, will be fixed in January
Addis 4 Open  
Badger 2 Open Minor washouts, need mtce grade
Bailey 4 Open  
Batt 3 Open  
Beagley 2 Open  
Beattie 4 Caution  
Big Lake 4 Open  
Bishop 4 Open patching done but needs mtce grade
Bowra 3 Open gravel patching done, needs mtce grade
Browne 3 Open  
Challis 2 Open  
Charsley 4 Open  
Cheetham 4 Open  
Chinocup 2 Open  
Collins 3 Open  
Cowcher 3 Open  
Crosby 2 Open  
Cusack 4 Caution  
Davies 4 Open  
Day 3 Open  
Deacon 4 Caution  
De La Cour 4 Caution  
Dicks 4 Open  
Ditchburn 4 Caution  
Dixon 3 Open Minor washouts, needs mtce grade
Duncombe 4 Caution Water on road in middle sections, east end ok, west end needs work
Dunnart 4 Open  
Dualling 1 Open  
East 1 Open some blowouts west of Challis, needs Mtce grade
Eddies 4 Open  
Emery 4 Caution  
Farr 2 Open  
Featherstone 4 Open needs mtce grade
Fewson 1 Open Minor washouts at floodways and culverts , needs grade
Garlick 4 Open  
Garry 4 Open  
Gillis 3 Open  
Glen 4 Open  
Goodchild 3 Open  
Grant Williams 2 Open  
Gray 4 Caution two sections of deep water, 4×4 light vehicles only
Guelfi 4 Open  
Hall 2 Open  
Harris 2 Open  
Harvey 3 Open  
Hassett 3 Open  
Hatwell 2 Open  
Haywood 4 Open  
Hobart 3 Open  
Holland Tank 3 Open needs mtce grade between Zweks and McDougal
Holmes 4 Caution  
Humphries 2 Open  
Johnson 4 Open  
Kukerin 1 Open major road works underway, possible delays
Kuringup 1 Open  
Lake Bryde 2 Open  
Lake Lockhart 2 Open  
Lee 4 Caution  
Logfrens 4 Open  
Manuel 1 Open needs mtce grade
Martens 2 Open Minor washouts, need mtce grade
McDonald 4 Caution  
McDougall 2 Open  
McLaren 2 Open  
Merilup 3 Open  
Mills 2 Open  
Mindarabin 2 Open  
Mortvale 3 Open  
Nagel 3 Open  
Neves 3 Open  
North Boongadoo 4 Open  Needs mtce grade
North Fence 1 Open  
North Kuringup 1 Open  
North Kwobrup 1 Open needs culvert repair
North Mornaming 3 Open  
North Needilup 1 Open  
Nyabing South 1 Open  
Patterson 1 Open  
Peterson 1 Open  
Phillips 4 Open  
Quartermaine 2 Open  
Radunovich 3 Open  
Ramm 4 Caution  
Range 1 Caution resheet works to start soon at northern end, otherwise good
Rasmussen 1 Open major gravel patches done, re-sheet to follow
Reeves 4 Open need mtce grade
Rock Dam 2 Open  
Rosenburg 3 Open  
Ross 4 Open  
Ryan 1 Open  
Shiner 4 Caution  
Skipsey 4 Open two holes to be patched, currently dry and passable
Smith 4 Open  
Solly 4 Caution  
South Fence 1 Open  
Sheilds 2 Open  
South Boongadoo 4 Open  
South Kuringup 1 Open  
South Mornaming 3 Open  
Sproxton 4 Caution wet, should be avoided
Stephens 2 Open  
Steele 1 Open need mtce grade
Sutherland Track 4 Open  
Tees 2 Open  
Titicup 3 Open needs work just south of Reeves
Thomas 2 Open needs mtce grade
Thomson 4 Caution  
Townsend 4 Open  
Tranter 4 Caution  
Tuffley 4 open  
Wallacup 1 Open  
Warnaminup 1 Open  
Ward 2 Open  
Warren 1 Open  
Watson 3 Open  
Whyatt 3 Open  
Wilson 3 Open  
Yates 3 Open  
Zwek 3 Open