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A Friendly, Family Community

Places of Interest

Anzac Memorial

Situated at the Memorial Park in Nyabing, this area is dedicated to the men and women who served our country. The annual ANZAC Day commemoration is held here each year on 25 April, with a march starting at the Town Hall and arriving at the park for the service.

Holland Track

In 1893, John Holland travelled to the Goldfields and this track marks his route. The track can be followed all the way to Coolgardie.

Nyabing Creek Nature Reserve

Nyabing Creek Nature Reserve showcases spring wildflowers and can be seen on a walk through the nature reserve, You’ll also find sandalwood trees, a resource which brought our original settlers to the area as cutters.

Settlers Hall

Located on Richmond Street, Nyabing the Settlers Hall was built to be used as a school and was officially opened in 1915. It has been moved from its original position on Martin St, where you’ll see a memorial stone, to its present setting. Over the years, the building served as a hall, the Kent Roads Board, school and a church.

Kwobrup Dam

Many a wildlife has been seen here including western grey kangaroo, western brush wallaby, echidna, blue tongue lizard and a huge variety of birdlife.

Salmon Gum

The log in the main street car park is all that remains of a historic salmon gum, You can see the enormous base of the trunk in the garden near the loggia. Lasting for over 100 years, it finally succumbed in 2009 and was lopped on advise from an aborist.

Brownie Hut

The Brownie Hut, as it is known locally is also a school site, Built in 1924, it has been used as a school and a youth facility.

Nampup Soak

On the outskirts of Nyabing and marked by a large granite rock that was placed on site as a memorial for this historical site which was used by explorers.

Community Federation Shed

Located in Pingrup, the Federation Shed contains relics from the history of the Shire of Kent and some local artwork.

Pink Lakes

The pink lakes are situated along the floor of a broad shallow valley that runs in a north-south direction between Nyabing and Pingrup. Over half the area is covered by bare salt lakes with no vegetation. The reason they are pink is due to a microscopic salt-loving bacteria called Halo Bacteris that produces red pigment.

Shearer’s Monument

The Shearer’s Monument is significant in its association with one of the main industries of the shire and its proximity to the gran bulk handling grain bin and railway station site. The replica stands on top of what the locals call the “shears shed”. The Pingrup community in conjunction with the Shire of Kent and the Pingrup Lions Club converted the shed into a shearing complex, competitions were held here every year up until 2001.

Gnamma Holes

Located 40kms northeast of Pingrup, early aboriginals are believed to have sued his area as a passing and watering hole. John Holland is believed to have discovered them during his journey to the goldfields  in 1893 along Holland’s Track.

Lake Bryde

Situated 35km northeast of Pingrup, Lake Bryde is an ephemeral wetland that is part of a chain of lakes. Historically Lake Bryde was used as a water source during times of drought.

Pingrup Silos (Part of the Australian Silo Art Trail)

Located by the Pingrup Townsite, the silos are an excellent display of art. There is now a walk trail from the caravan park to the silos and a light display at nightime, showing the silos in all their glory! Click here for more information.

Gray Road Lake System
Pingrup Silos
Holland Rock


Photos by Darren Gray – Firestick Photography