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Hidden Treasures

The Hidden Treasures of the Great Southern is a collaborative partnership between nine Shires in the Great Southern region. These communities are predominantly recognised for the primary industry of agriculture. The Hidden Treasures group represents these shires by marketing and promoting them as a group of Shires to visit.

The role of the Hidden Treasures Group is to:

  • Jointly promote tourism product, experiences and activities for all participating Shires and their communities;
  • Produce an Annual Activities Report for all participating Shires;
  • Seek to leverage Shire funding to draw additional funds for events, tourism marketing and regional promotion;
  • Disseminate information on relevant opportunities to Shires;
  • Market all Shires of the Hidden Treasures with equity and respect; and
  • Develop community partnerships with local, regional, state and national organisations that will enhance and assist the development of tourism in the Hidden Treasures region.

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